Monday, November 4, 2013

August 11, 2013

From Mom: We had a good week. Every once in a while we get blessed when we least expect it. I had $800 in the bank but needed almost $1400 to pay rent. After the 5th rent is considered late. Dad and I walked to the mailbox (by the apt office), which he rarely does, and got the mail. I looked thru it and found one from Jackson National addressed to Dad. I handed it to him to open. Can you guess the amount of his commission check? Right, $600, so I got the rent in on time. That also allowed us to be able to pay some of the other bills that wouldn't have been paid until later in the month since I got paid the next day also.

The Draper Temple is closed for a couple of weeks so our ward temple night was at the Jordan River Temple last night. They had a new movie that was longer. I think they made it that way so that it was not so robotic, for lack of a better word. This one shows the confusion and thought that might have gone thru Eve's mind when she was deciding whether to break the covenant about eating the forbidden fruit which makes it more human. When you get home we'll have to visit the temple.
Dad tried to take his test for his insurance license but had technical difficulties so has it rescheduled for Wednesday. Once he gets that passed he will start working for Extend Health and be able to carpool with me, as long as I don't get the position as Temporary HR Staff. If I do get that then I will be driving almost 4 times as far to get to work but it won't be commission - just straight hourly pay. It would last until March unless they decided to make me permanent. Dad will be making $15/hr plus commission at Extend Health which would be awesome! This is also supposed to be temporary, thru open enrollment for Medicare advantage plans. When that's done he thinks he would like to find something similar so he doesn't have to rely on sales to get paid like he did before in his own business.
The full-time missionaries spoke in church today. One of them had been a member of a gang in California after he moved there from Australia. He was born in New Zealand. His story was very interesting and somewhat tragic. Sometimes it takes something dramatic happening to make people realize that life is too short not to take things a little seriously and work on things that make us happy and help others to enjoy that same happiness. He goes home about the same time you do. I'll bet you won't be ready to do that when the time comes. You'll want to stay out there.
Karlene got registered for school. The only thing left is to get her Hepatitus A shot. I'm sure she'll really enjoy that, NOT! Faline is registered but I need to find her last report card so they know what grade to put her in. I put 4th grade but by her birthday she should be 5th. I can guarantee she wouldn't do well in 5th, at least I don't think so. School starts on the 19th.

I was going to send a few pictures but my phone and the computer aren't talking at the moment. Maybe next time.

From Dad: I haven't been working out this week like I should have. I have been studying for my insurance exam. They told me Thursday that I was scheduled to take the test on Friday at 4:30pm - so I crammed all day, night and the next day. When I showed up at the testing center, the power had been out for quite a while (of course it's a digital test). The power came on for about 1/2 hr so the people who had already started their tests were able to do a little more but it went back out so I left and rescheduled my test for Wednesday morning, before I go to the Davis County Fair to work a booth for Sears.

We went to the temple last night. It was movie night. They have a new movie that started just in the last 2 wks. It was different, although the script was the same.

From Michael: Right now I'm get really apprehensive to get going to the MTC. It almost seem time slew down when I got my call. She still a nube fresh from her previous companion.

From Karlene: Mabey it might depend on how tired I am. When I am tired I tend to have more energy. Alex is now a little bigger then a lab puppy. I heard that you got to go back to Singapore. Congrats! I got better at drawing. I don't draw anime anymore my drawings look real to a point.

From Faline: I got to play Spyro and got to see the chronicla (?). I am in this place where lots of evil creatures, monkeys and gorillas, are. I saw Michael play on the PS3 a little bit on the wall in his room. That's it for this week. Did you get that picture of the durian fruit yet?

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