Monday, November 4, 2013

July 14, 2013

Hi Summer,

From Mom: We went to the temple last night with some of the members of our ward. It was very nice! We were in the biggest prayer circle I've ever seen - there must have been at least 10 couples in it! It was really neat. I have my application and bishop's recommendation for the Tabernacle Choir packet ready. Now, I just need to make my CD. Our new RS President, Sister Yorgason, knows someone who might be able to help me. Also, Carrie is supposed to talk to one of the ladies she visit teaches who just got into the choir to find out how she did hers. Lori said that the choir manager used to be in their ward before it split so he's another resource.

I got to write my own script that would match my personality better but get the same information (at work) and I'm starting to get more sales and convert more people that I call back. There was an interesting posting for a part-time job for the church. It's an MTC Investigator Actor - pretending to be an investigator who will meet with missionaries on a weekly basis to help them get used to that part of their missions. It would be fun if I didn't already have something else to do.

Michael's farewell is August 25th and he goes thru the temple on the 24th. Grandma & Al are planning to be here. If I prepare a song with another member of our ward who isn't in our family I can sing on the same day. I'm working on the same song I did just before we left Marsing, "Fill the Well Within" by Sally DeFord. Karlene was going to sing with me but said it would be okay to have someone else sing with me - she said there's always the family reunion!

I don't know of anything else that is going on but next week will be our first 24th of July in the state of Utah - it's a state holiday as well as a church remembrance and is almost as big as the 4th of July, I think. We'll find out! Karlene should be going to girls' camp at the end of the month. She doesn't think she wants to but I say otherwise. I think she'll really enjoy it, more than she thinks she will, and may learn a thing or two. At the very least she'll make a few friends ... I hope.

From Dad: Congratulations on your 3rd baptism! When you go check out the crocodiles just make sure you're not the pinata. I don't know if they told you but Grandma Doris had eye surgery last Friday. I think she's been watching too many pirate movies - she wants a patch. It's getting pretty hot over her. Your mom keeps wanting to turn up the temperature in the house, I keep turning it down. By the way, we just had our 29th anniversary on the does that make us old? Anyway that's all for this time.

From Karlene: It likes to rain here or just this week. I fell asleep and woke up all wet with the area dry and it was raining outside. It kept up for... I don't know how long, but I was still tired.  Alex has been eating from my hand since he got his adult food and Crookshanks likes it, but it makes him sick. Alex still does summer-salts trying to catch a laser that a lady from our new ward gave to Alex. Utah is ok,but I miss Idaho.

From Faline: Really? That's Dad's talk. I'm catching up to Karlene, although she's still growing but I'm growing faster than she is right now. We went swimming Thursday, on one of our rainy days. I started reading to Mom last week. So what have you been doing? By the way, you know the type of fruit or vegetable that you had to cut open with a long knife? I want a picture of one of those. That's mainly it.

We love you!

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