Tuesday, November 5, 2013

September 1, 2013

From Mom: Hopefully, things are a little better after last weekend. I'm still waiting to hear anything about the Tabernacle Choir. I got to church today and wondered who was playing for Sacrament. When I found and looked at the list I discovered that I was! Good thing I knew most of the hymns I was playing. We went to Music and the Spoken Word this morning. It was wonderful! There were 15 sister missionaries going home this week who worked on Temple Square giving tours. 13 of them were from places like Lavia, Australia, Ukraine, Germany, etc. The other two were from the U.S. It was really cool being there! I had forgotten some of the stuff I'd seen before. They did the broadcast but there was something in the 1st song that didn't go perfect so they re-recorded it so the delayed broadcast would be right. They also have a channel on youtube.com. A lot of the people at church were talking about change in their testimonies - the fact that it's not too fun. I actually look forward to change so I don't really sympathize with them. My prediction is that we will be with the 4th ward, along with the development right behind the apts. We'll see. That would be great because then Karlene would be with the friends she has made. Most of the kids in our ward go to Jordan High instead of Corner Canyon.

Michael & I went to Berlington Coat Factory to get an overcoat and ended up getting a jacket for winter and a long-sleeved v-neck sweater he can wear with or without his suits. Dee Dee paid for $50 of it for his birthday. He got 20% off the overcoat because it was missing 2 buttons - there was 1 replacement in the little ziplock bag in the pocket but I can't take them from anyplace else so we'll have to go to Joanne's or Michael's to find buttons. Michael has asked to help with the baptisms Wednesday morning with the Young Men so he'll perform some of the baptisms and ordinations/confirmations. I think he needs a haircut and a shave. I'll make sure he gets one before he leaves.
I met with Faline's teacher. The school is going to test her IQ and other things to figure out how to best help her with her reading and writing. I explained what I observed and what I thought the teacher could expect. Faline is starting to sing - I played a MoTab recording when she was doing her homework. They sang "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus" and, for the first time, she actually sang with them and knew the words. She has mostly refused to sing with the Primary children - she thinks they don't know how to sing (spoiled by Walkers, I'm sure). She also said that she wants to make friends with some of the girls in her class. Before she didn't really care about being friends with children her own age. Good signs!
Sometimes I think Dad works too much since he started at Extend Health. He's working at Sears also. The fair schedule has him working until 11pm some nights when he has to go to work again 6am. Hopefully he can nap in between. Eventually he's hoping to stop doing Sears but for now, during fair season, the bonuses can be pretty good!

From Dad: It sounds like they're going to re-do our ward boundaries, not sure how they're going to do it but we find out next Sunday. We won't have regular church for about 3 wks because after that it's Stake/Regional Conference. Tomorrow's a holiday, Labor Day, and I won't be working at Extend tomorrow but will start at 6am on Tuesday. I'll be working the next two weeks at the Utah State Fair in a booth for Sears. Not a lot of other new things happened except that it's birthday season around here.

From Michael: Maybe, if timing is right. So what is up.

From Karlene: Yeah I guess I did grow about half an inch. We are getting new ward boundries next Sunday. I'll have to get reaquanted with the new ward if we get moved. Alex is afraid of bunnies. I have started taking him on walks and we faced the "furocious" bunny. He puffed out so big that his tail made him look like a small raccoon with orange fur. I met a boy in school who I kindof like a little. He lives close enough to walk to his house and I just don't think that it is fair that he has long legs, but I can outrun him for a while. He only catches up to me when I want  him to. It happens quite alot.

From Faline: It was fun at Glenn & Carrie's. It's alright (Utah). The rambutan looks nice! Karlene got to play Jack-X with a few of her friends and Michael. I got to watch. I've been watching funny cats on youtube. Some of them are hilarious!

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