Monday, November 4, 2013

July 21, 2013

From Mom: I finally have met several sisters and know some of their names. The Relief Society had a social the other night. I found several who live in our apt complex. One girl, Sam, was asking everyone how to get into labor because she was ready to pop! We found out yesterday that she actually had her baby, a girl, Thursday night, right after the social, I guess. I'll be taking dinner in Tues night along with her neighbor, Heather. Heather was the one who watched the cats when we went to the family reunion. I also was introduced to Kim Dimond, whose husband is a sound man who will help me with my Tabernacle Choir CD I have to send with my application. Thursday I'll get that done! 

Last week I almost contacted your mission president. I was concerned when we didn't get your emails by Monday. I wasn't sure whether to be worried or not. I'm glad you finally sent messages Tues.

By the way, the peppers mentioned in Dad's letter were about the most deformed I've seen, so they wouldn't have been capable of stuffing! I think you would have liked it. I'm getting closer to finishing the Book of Mormon. I'm finally in Mormon. I have an app on my phone that keeps track of how much is completed in my reading. It's fun to be able to mark off chapters and see that I've almost completed 90% of the book.

Michael's farewell talk will be August 25th. We'll see if we get to sing on that Sunday or not. I like doing the song with Karlene but the recommendation is to not have only family members doing anything else on the farewell program. If I have a ward member sing with me or us then we might be able to pull it off. Grandma and Al are supposed to be coming down probably on Friday so they can be in the temple with Michael on the 24th and then see his farewell talk the next day. It will be fun to be able to go to the temple with Michael and Dad.

There have been a LOT of farewells lately. Almost weekly we have another one. Last Sunday was Elder Dylan Knight, this Sunday Sister Devon Trop and next week is another one. Then we have Michael's and one in October, so there's a bit of a break.

I better go. Hopefully you'll get to write Monday morning unless p-day has changed. Let me know.

From Dad: I went swimming with Karlene & Faline yesterday. The water's kinda warm but then so is the air (over 100). I've been talking to some guys about possibly going back into insurance. Mom fixed a stuffed pepper recipe only she just cut them up and put them in the mixture like stew. She said the peppers were unstuffable!

From Michael: I sincerely doubt that I'll be able to go crabbing. So did you get to feed the crocs. Congrats on getting a baptism. these Orson Scott Card books are really annoying when trying to listen to music. I feel like babbling, but maybe I'll weight.

From Karlene: yep and a little boring. I now have 5 friends most of which are adults. I still hope that you are having fun.
Alex just won't stop growing he now weighs 15 pounds.

From Faline: I guess Mom said that we already have pictures of that fruit, although it would be nice to see what it looks like before the outside gets off. It has spikes and smells terrible, you said. There's been lots of missionary farewells in our ward. I'm playing Spyro right now. How are you doing, Summer?

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