Monday, November 4, 2013

July 28, 2013

Hi Summer,

From Mom: I listened to Beyond 5 on youtube. I liked it but Michael wasn't impressed. In case he didn't say anything, he sang with Abram and Gabe in church today. It was a song I found on in the youth music section "Priesthood Men" and it sounded good. Several people let me know they enjoyed it. Of course, we had another missionary farewell. This time it was for JD Davenport going to Mexico Oaxaca mission.

I took Michael, Karlene & Faline shopping for clothes last Thursday. Michael was able to find suits in the men's department that fit! He has most of his stuff for his mission. He just got a packet from his mission president that explained that his mission is a biking mission. I don't think the bike he has would be good for the mission but maybe he can find one once he gets out to VA. Karlene and Faline start school on Aug 19th. I didn't get much but I think they will have enough clothes to look stylish.

I didn't get to make my CD last week. The people who said they would help me never returned my calls. So Matt, Lori's husband, is going to help me tomorrow night.

Work is going ok. Dad got a nibble from Extend Health which is the main company in the building I work in. That company takes up a bunch of space on the two floors. Progrexion only has a small corner of the 2nd floor since we only have 40 or less people working there. We don't know specifics yet but it's insurance so they would pay for him to get his life and health insurance licenses back. This would only be temporary, thru the end of the year but maybe it could become year-round or he may work with another group that does insurance with seniors, kinda like he did before only with a better plan.

I better go. Karlene & I are gong to sing Aug 11th and then have a duet with the choir on the 25th, when Michael has his farewell.

 I took Karlene & Faline out to watch the fireworks on the 24th. There is a vacant field across from the apartments where we sat on the curb and watched the fireworks from all around us. We were able to see at least 8 different displays! We had fun!

From Dad: Well, it looks like I'll be getting my life and health insurance licenses back only for Utah. I started working out this past week trying to get in better shape and slim down. Sometimes Mom comes with me. I lift weights while she works on the elyptical. 

From Michael: What is PMG? Better yet why did you worn me about that? I have nothing else to say, so what's up?

From Karlene: I got mom to take us shopping for school clothes and found some skinny jeans that I can fit over my calves. They are size 12 and really comfortable. On Tuesday I get to go to girls camp and finally complete my fourth year hike. I found out that I am ADHD and bad weigh deadlines. The first part I guess you already knew but I confirmed it today. I was very hyper until Sunday school came around and I had to fight just to answer two questions. On the way home dad asked a question and I was jumping off the car's seat. Mom kind of kept my hyperness going and when I got to the apartment I recited the young women's theme as fast as I can. Alex still likes to play with lasers and torment your cat. I start school on the 19th of August.

From Faline: By the way, on the Spyro, you know those buttons, well you need to do a technique with the spiders that you're supposed to do on the buttons. You're supposed to squish the button once you get to the spiders. We went swimming again this week. We even got Michael to go this time. It's raining today and was overcast most of the day so not so hot. We need the 2nd memory card for the PS2 but can't find it. I got to do Christmas stuff this Sunday. We got presents from our teacher. I got to see some new stuff but so far there's only one that people keep stopping me on this one movie, I can't remember the name of it. 

Faline and Michael playing in the pool.

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