Tuesday, November 5, 2013

August 26, 2013

To Mom: Elder Wiberg was riding his bike at night and I'm assuming on his way home because it wasn't far from their apartment, and got hit by a car on Friday.  At that point we found out that he had a broken femur, forearm, and shoulder.  Saturday they had him in surgery for 9 hours to fix his bones but also to help reduce the swelling in his brain.  Sunday he was in and out of stability then late Sunday night the Lord gave him his transfer.  Needless to say the mission is feeling rather blue today but the work will go on.  Elder Hierschi was his companion at the time of the accident and saw everything so I'm sure that right now he is being rather hard on himself.

From Mom: Sorry to hear about Elder Wiberg. Hopefully his family will remember that he was on the Lord's errand and sees it as just that -- a transfer.

To Mom: President Mains said that Brother Wiberg, Elder Wiberg's dad also called it a transfer.

To Dad: Thinks are ok here.  We finally got the Book of Mormon in Malay.  We had zone conference so that was good.  Would you all pray for the Wiberg family and Elder Hierschi, one of the missionaries got reassigned to the Spirit World.  Today is sad but it will get better, I'll be ok.  I'm sorry to be a bit of a downer.  I'm so happy for Michael, when he gets home I can go to the temple with him, mom, and you.

To Michael: Be happy, be healthy, be safe.  After your mission I expect to see you and we can go to the temple together.

To Karlene: I'm sure more than that has changed.  I will do the best I can to recognize you but you may need to help me when I get home.  So you finally got taller, is it?  I can't wait to see the picture but it wont have the whole family.

To Faline: Here is some pictures of rambutan.  Glad you are liking school.  Keep it up and you'll do well and maybe you can be as smart as me.  Did you have fun at Glenn and Carrie's?  How do you like Utah?  We got the Book of Mormon in Malay on tuesday.  Till next time.

Rambutan, Malay for 'hairy'. The 'hair' is soft so it won't hurt. The fruit inside is supposed to be sweet, with a single seed that is bitter to the taste - so best to not eat the seed. It's compared to lychee (litchee) and is related to that fruit.

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