Monday, November 4, 2013

August 12, 2013

To Mom: Technology is funny that way.  Here are some pictures of food in Singapore.  The one that looks like a flag is a brownie for national day, the red this is octopus ( it looks grosser than it tastes), and mui rice (really, really good).  I haven't gotten a cook book yet but I will I just not sure which one or how many because there are sooooooooo many different nationalities in my mission.  The Lord helps as we need it.  I love my mission, the people, the language, and all that but I hate that I'm getting so tired but it is worth it.  You should look up  the Beyond 5 concert in Singapore and Kuching and Kuala Lampur. 

To Dad: That is kind of like the church in the world, the words are the same but people speak different languages.  Well, hopefully you pass your test with flying colors.   The computer doesn't like the way I spelled color because it speaks the queens english .  Here is a picture of me, my companion and some of the sisters in the word and a picture of a banner for Singapore national day. After your test you can work out again.

To Michael: I guess you could say that and in the MTC time will seem to slow down even more.  Just be paciant and suddenly time will go faster than you think. 

To Karlene: You'll have to show me.  I think that as you work on your talents they get better and better and new talents are made.

To Faline: All the durian you could want.  Do you want me to bring home durian candy?  You seem to be having fun, you ready for school?  Till next time.


National Day brownie

Mui rice

Sisters Ballantyne and LeBaron with ward members

National Day banner

Durian fruit, whole. This fruit will pierce your car roof if it falls at the wrong time! Plus, it really stinks! Some people love the flavor, though.

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