Monday, November 4, 2013

August 4, 2013

From Mom: Are you glad to be back in Singapore? How was your trip? I'm striving for 50 sales this pay period ... I only got 25 last time which isn't enough. If I can get 50 sales two pay periods in a row they will put me on inbound where I think I can make more money. The commission is less but the sales are better because people are calling us instead of us calling them.

I got my CD made Monday night. Matt did a great job helping me! But then I couldn't find my folder which had the application and bishop recommendation in it so I asked the bishop to do another one and redid the application. I got application packet sent off Thursday so now it's a waiting game until I hear something. It took almost 2 hrs for less than 5 mins of recording.

I don't understand why people, lately, have been in awe of me. It's kind of strange that they think I can do so much so well. Although, I know I can do stuff well but no one usually notices that much - or it hasn't been this obvious. I had two sisters say something like that to me today at church.

Dad doesn't have much to say so I'll just add it to this letter. He's got a job once he gets his life and health insurance license, which he's studying for now. Extend Health sells Medicare Advantage plans, something Dad's done in the past. He'll be making $15/hr plus commission. When he gets started with them (by the way, they pay for his licensing) and I raise my sales we should be able to finally pay for you mission monthly and also be in a good position to pay on Michael's as well. He has some money that will go towards his mission but I want to pay for it monthly and then see if he can have some for when he comes home. Dad also suggests that you buy at least one cook book there ... in English, of course. Hopefully you can find all the ingredients for the recipes here, in the states.

One of the missionaries who just left is back home for a couple of months. He was diagnosed as having anxiety while in the MTC and will be going thru counseling for a couple of months. He's very outgoing and fun so it was just as much a surprise to him as anyone else. Michael's still set for farewell on August 25th and Karlene & I will be singing along with Leslie Johnson, so it won't just be family performing. They kinda frown on it being a family affair now.

Our call center raised the most food for the area food bank of the 4 or 5 we have - 144 lbs per agent - so we had a big celebration and lunch on Friday. I took a picture of everyone as they were dishing up. Mary is the most left, Adrienne is the one with the long, dark hair and Sarah is the one on the right, she's my Sales Coach (team leader). I also have a picture of a butterfly right outside the window where I work.

Oh, by the way, Michael is finishing up his profile so I took his picture so he could post it. Here it is. He's going thru the temple on the 24th and farewell on 25th so the family can come down just the one time instead of having to come a second time. I guess there's a new temple movie that's longer than the current one. I'm looking forward to seeing it. We're supposed to go this Saturday for ward temple night. Our temple is closed for a couple of weeks to get the new movie going so we'll be going to the Jordan River temple - one of the biggest in the valley.

I'll be looking forward to hearing how things are going in Singapore!

From Michael: Good luck with the greeney if you get one, but if not have fun. This week has been the same as all the rest of the other dull boring weeks except for going to the temple and mission prep. Still weighting to go to the MTC. I'm hoping it could come sooner put I doubt it being moved faster.

From Faline: Not much happened this week. Mom showed me a picture of Durian sliced up but I want to see it before it's sliced. I got to see some of our cousins this week. I am playing the PS2 today but it's getting close to bedtime so I'll have to stop. That's about it.

Butterfly just outside the window at Progrexion

Celebration lunch with Mary, Adrienne and Sarah

Michael's picture

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