Monday, November 4, 2013

July 22, 2013

To Mom: P-day hasn't changed.  Last P-day we went and got a lot of stuff for the apartment we moved in to about 3 months ago.  It was the only chance we had and when we were done we only had time to get ready for our appointment so we e-mailed Tuesday after district meeting.  I didn't mean to worry you, sorry.  So far the worst thing that has happened was me getting over stuffed at members houses and having several dinner appointments on 1 night.  When I fell off my bike I got some scrapes and bruises but that's it.  Sister Mains takes good care of us and if anything happens to us she has us email our family ASAP.  You know how I said I have to worry about getting over stuffed, well, yesterday I had 3 dinner appointments with enough food to feed all the missionaries in Kuching.  I'm fine I promise.  Next week we find out about transfers and we are having a zone activity so I might be emailing a little latter.  With all these farwells you'll start having homecomings all the time too.

From Mom: Glad you're ok. One of the homecomings will be yours, of course. I noticed that you finally used your bank account so that makes sense. Hope you're enjoying your new apt!

To Mom: It's good and right in the middle of our area.  I used the money in my account for a hard drive so in case my camera gets stolen I have my pictures still with me and I also got a case for it and a media player so I can look at the stuff on my hard drive and some suvinears the mission takes care of what we need but we needed to go and purchase them.  I will be getting some other suvines latter.  Have you heard of a group called Beyond 5? It is a christen band that will be preforming August 12 here in Kuching and the missionaries are encouraged to invite members and investigators to there concert.  Most of them are mormon save 1 and the only reason I've heard of them is because they're coming and because 1 of the members of the band is the grandson of a senior couple serving in Miri.

From Mom: Cool! I'll have to look more in youtube or something. Talk to you next week!

To Dad: Sounds nice.  Yesterday I had dinner 3 times and each time was way more than I can eat.  Each of them were for some ones birthday and 1 was for 2 peoples birthday.  Not much else happened.

To Michael: What about the Orson Scott Card books?  Oh, I know someone who knows him.  Just a word of addvice, keep to the white hand book and PMG when you're on your mission and your mission will be the best and the memories will be awesome. 

To Karlene: You cat is huge.  Malaysia is awesome.  You'll get to see all my pictures when I get home and of course I'll be sending some too.  Next time I'll send a picture of another unique building in Kuching.

To Faline: I'll see what I can do.  It's called Duran.  I'm doing good.  I bet you're getting real good at video games and maybe you'll need to help me when I get back.  Till next time.

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