Monday, November 4, 2013

July 29, 2013

To Mom: Not much is different here but today is transfers so I'll find out if I'll stay or I'll go today and later I'll email you with the news.  I hope all goes well with dad getting a new job and your addition goes well.  My computer is terrible so no pictures today. 

To Dad: It is good to get in shape.  Sometimes I wonder if I'm in shape even tho I'm bicycling every where.  Oh, and here in Asia there are many holidays that use fireworks but I haven't seen 1 firework the entire time I've been out.  I'll email later with transfer news.

To Michael: PMG is Preach My Gospel and the reason I warned you about that is because I have seen a few who didn't stick aren't as happy on their mission.  Today we get transfer news and there is a slight chance that I will be training. 

To Karlene: Actually I never thought of you as ADHD I only though you to be annoying some times and like the rest of us but I guess that all of us have something wrong according to the world.  Just think you are just a different type of genies then everyone else.  Maybe when I get home I can help you relax after I sleep for a while.  Today we find out about transfers. 

To Faline: I'm going back to Singapore so I'll be able to get you a picture of durian.  I got transfer news yesterday. I got transfered to Singapore 3rd Ward. Glad to hear you're having fun.  Till next time.

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