Tuesday, November 5, 2013

September 2, 2013

To Mom: Things have gotten better here and at the same time some things can be more trying but Heavenly Father helps out when we need it.  I bet Faline is a genius but doesn't show it because she is board.  Transfers are coming up next week and the way things have gone anything goes.  Here are some pictures of passion fruit and my companion with burnt popcorn. 

To Dad: That's ok there isn't much happening here at the moment either we got some new Chiness elders and next week we find out about transfers.  Not sure what will happen but that's ok too. 

To Michael: A missionary here died and I just don't what anything bad to happen to you while you're gone.

To Karlene: Just remember to fallow what it says in the "For Strength of Youth" book.  Cats are silly.  Not much has happened here.

To Faline: Cats can be really silly.  I sent a picture of Passion fruit to mom so check it out.  Glad to hear you're having fun.  Till next time.

Passion fruit

Passion fruit insides

Sister LeBaron with her burnt popcorn

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