Tuesday, November 5, 2013

August 18, 2013

From Mom: Lots to report. Dad passed his test and starts his new job tomorrow, at the same building I work in. Dad also worked the Sears booth some of the time during the Davis County Fair (north of Salt Lake). Tracy is going to apply to do what Dad is doing, only in Boise. Haven't heard anything about my Tabernacle Choir application/audition. The theory test is supposed to be in Sept, with the live auditions in Oct. Dee Dee and Resa are hoping to move down here before winter so we're looking for apts for them. I missed my sales goal for the last pay period. Hopefully I'll get closer if not meet it this pay period. I'll be working an extra hour most days because Dad will work until 5 and it won't do any good to sit around for an hour waiting for him. Karlene and Faline start school tomorrow. It's going to be rough for Faline since she still doesn't want to read or write. The school should figure out how to help her within the first 8 wks of school. I'll help when I can. Michael will be getting his endowments on Saturday and then his farewell next Sunday. Grandma and Al are coming down and Cameron Gibby, Nolan's grandson, says he's coming. Dee Dee & Resa aren't as far as I know.

Well, we had a picnic at the Draper City Park today. I included some pictures. Also, there must have been a fair nearby because I got some pictures of hot air balloons launching and coming down a couple weeks ago just across the freeway from where I was driving to work.

From Dad: Well, it's been a pretty eventful week. It started out last Friday when I went to take my insurance exam for the state of Utah and the power was out. Then I rescheduled it for Wednesday morning and found out they only had me scheduled to take my fingerprints. They don't do fingerprints until after the test has been taken and passed so I had to reschedule it for the next day, at 6pm. I took the test, passed it handily, and then Friday I was given the opportunity to start working for Extend Health on Monday, tomorrow. I spent Wed-Sat at a booth at the Davis County Fair for Sears and we did really well! Then I got to church this afternoon and they asked if I'd be one of the Elder's Quorum Teachers, so they're going to set me apart next Sunday. Also, the missionaries came by Saturday, during the day, not knowing we were members. I let them in and talked to them a little bit. They're going to have dinner with us Monday and then do the family home evening lesson for us. It will be interesting to see how that goes. That's my interesting week.

From Michael: Today we went to the park and had a pick-neck. We played games and had fun. At least I did. So what's up.

From Karlene: I agree, with the talent also comes the knowledge to use it. I drew a picture of what I thought one of the characters in a book looks like. Mom said it looked like Cher. I looked up how she looks and the only resemblence the two have are the arc ofthe eyebrows. I went to girls camp and when I got back Faline had somehow deregistered your kindle. It 's a good thing that mom knows you so well. She got it back to normal within a minute. Mom and I get to sing at Michael 's farewell. He leaves the day before Cumorah 's b-day. I survived the fourth year hike with nothing more then sore muscles from lugging Michael's hiking back pack up a mountain with food, tent, sleeping bag, water, and cloths.

From Faline: I got to play at a huge park! There were lots of slides, some swings and they even have an exercise place. We got to have a picnic there, too. They also have an electronic game thing there that has a bunch of different games we played with. It was fun! There was a water fountain, a rock climb and lots of tunnels and such. School starts tomorrow ... I'm not excited. I guess that's it. Nice picture of the Durian!

Hot air balloons landing

Hot air balloons coming down!

Mom and Dad at the park

Exercise time is fun!

Karlene: Row, row, row your boat...
Michael: Ow! My triceps!

Michael and Faline

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