Monday, November 4, 2013

July 16, 2013

To Mom: In Utah the hole state seems to shut down on the 24th.  In the MTC we were annoid with it because we didn't get any mail and couldn't go to the MTC store to look around.  Sounds like your almost there with the aplication for the choir.  This past week one of the sisters got really sick and had to go to the doctor, she's feeling much better now and doesn't want to take it easy.

To Dad: Your 29th anniversary makes me old because I will be 28 in a couple of months.  Happy anniversary.Sounds like grandma is doing alright.   They had a dead chicken for the pinata.  It is always hot here it is just a question if we will get cold from sweat or from rain.  It is very cold when it rains here.

To Karlene: As they say here "jangan risauh."  It means "don't wory."  If you want a lot of rain you should come here and you'll get drenched almost on a daily basis.  Sounds like things are like normal. 

To Faline:  Not much new at the moment just looking for more people to teach.  Do you remember what the fruit was called.  Your summer break is going good I hope.  Till next time.

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