Tuesday, November 5, 2013

August 25, 2013

From Mom: A lot has happened this week. Dad started his new job with Extend Health, Grandma & Al came down and spent a few days with us, Michael got his endowments and gave his farewell talk, I sang with Karlene and Sister Johnson in our ward and we got reacquainted with some of the long-lost cousins. 

Dad's liking his new job. So far, he's still working for Sears, too. There are some fairs coming up that he wants to work to get a little extra bonus.

Grandma and Al stayed in our bedroom and Dad & I slept on couches the 1st night and then I slept in Faline's bed the 2nd night. We got to soak in the hot tub Friday night and just really enjoyed having them around. I will be glad to sleep in my own bed tonight, though.

Michael got his endowments yesterday. It was a fun day! We had Jake & Amy Simpson and Mike & Genevieve Simpson, Leonard's children, there and would have had Leonard & Swanny but they went to the session an hr later. Glenn & Carrie and Matt & Lori came, too! We all went up to Carrie's house for dinner and visiting afterward. It was really fun to get to know those guys!

Today, we had Michael's farewell. The power went off about 40 mins before everything started, while the choir was practicing, and stayed off for about 20 mins. We weren't sure if we would have power for the meeting but it came on about 10 mins or so before sacrament meeting started. Almost everyone came who was with us yesterday. Leonard and Justin came really early but they made it. Swanny had to fly out for work like she does every week. The only ones missing were Mike & Genevieve. Michael gave a really good talk on testimony. Karlene & I sang with one of the sisters in our ward (because you're not supposed to have only family of the departing missionary as part of the meeting). Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Grandma told me that she thinks I'll make it into the Tabernacle Choir FOR SURE! We'll see. I haven't heard anything yet.

What happened to the missionary? Hopefully you get my messages before you get done on the internet.

From Dad: Yeah, they were just knocking door to door, just getting to know who was in the area. When they came back by again, for dinner and to teach the family home evening lesson, it was a different set of missionaries! I thought that was kinda funny. Mostly, though, this is Michael's week. We went to the Draper Temple where Michael got his endowments. I'll let him talk about that. There were several family members there, including Grandma and Al. Then, at church today they announced that they are realigning the boundaries of 5 or 6 of the wards in our stake. I was set apart as one of the Elders' Quorum Teachers. That will be interesting! I probably have more to learn from them than I can teach them. When I was set apart there was only 1 member of the Elders' Quorum presidency to do the job so they had Michael stand in - that was pretty cool! Other than that, things are going pretty good.

From Michael: I am now endowed, and after words we went to Glenn and Carry. Then I gave my fairwell on sunday.

From Karlene: No I'm sure you will recognize me. I am kindof hard to miss. I will just have shorter hair and longer legs. I think mom will send you a picture of the family including g-ma and Al. Michael had his farewell today and there was a baby blessing. Every time mom saw me I was eating some sort of cookie or candy.

From Faline: School's not so bad. The teacher, Mrs. Watson, is better than all the other teachers I've had. Mom & Dad went to the temple with Michael and I got to play with my cousins, at Carrie & Glenn's. That's it.

L to R: Karlene, Dad, Steven, Michael, Grandpa and Grandma

The whole gang! Karlene, Steven (in front), Grandpa, Grandma, Mom, Dad, Michael, Faline, Leonard and Justin.

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